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Protest Letters

Tourism is one of the biggest sources of revenue for Oxford University, an institution that has many historic and expensive buildings to maintain. The city as a whole is hugely dependent on the UK and foreign visitors who spend huge amounts of money on hotels, restaurants, places of interest, historic buildings, museums, shops, interpreters, tours, transport and all the other businesses that profit and depend on the constant year round influx of tourists. In fact tourism is worth a whopping £576 million to the Oxford economy. So imagine the effect it would have if tourists started boycotting the university and the city due to its links to animal cruelty…

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that many people care more about money than they do about the suffering of sentient and feeling animals. So if they think they may lose profits from the city’s links to animal torture, they may feel more inclined to help rid Oxford of the brutal animal experiments carried out by Oxford University.

We are therefore asking those people who have been put off from visiting Oxford to contact the local Tourist Information Office to let them know the strength of feeling against the barbaric experiments that are going on in this city every single day. This information will hopefully then be used to convince Oxford University that its outdated and cruel practise of vivisection must stop.

Send by email to:


Send by letter to:

Oxford Tourist Information Centre
15-16 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AS

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You could also write to the local press to express your views:

Oxford Mail Newspaper

Newsquest Oxfordshire, Osney Mead, Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX2 0EJ

The Oxford Times Newspaper

Newsquest Oxfordshire, Osney Mead, Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX2 0EJ