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Kidnapped… Imprisoned… Blinded… Killed by Oxford University

Most people are probably unaware of the sad life of George and the terrible abuse he was forced to endure at the hands of Oxford University vivisectors. George was almost certainly kidnapped from the wild. He could have come from a number of different countries; perhaps it was from the tundra of Tanzania or it could have been the sugar plantations of Mauritius or in the jungles of Indonesia and China. The truth is however, George never got to see that homeland again. Instead, he ended up inside the laboratories of Oxford University where he was to die after years of abuse by a university vivisector.


The information about George comes from the Oxford University professor who was responsible for the abuse. Interestingly, the same professor wasinvestigated by the police in 2004 for cruelty to a monkey he was experimenting on. Of course no charges were brought against the man who has worked at Oxford University for the past 30 years.

The vivisector concerned related the information about George to an assembled group he was talking to. He told his audience that they had named the monkey ‘George’, and then went on to detail the types of injuries he had personally inflicted on this poor innocent creature. At one point George’s eyes had extensive injuries caused to them, creating lesions for the purpose of the experiment. The account told by the vivisector is even more obscene when one takes into account that the vivisector then started to laugh as he went on with his story, telling the assembled group that after having blinded George, part of the experiment then included taking George out into the University Park.

More details about the professor accused of cruelty


In November, 2004, media reports disclosed that Thames Valley Police investigated Oxford University vivisectors following claims that a monkey was kept alive, in pain, after an experiment. The laboratory vet apparently wanted to kill the monkey to put her out of her misery, but other vivisectors refused on the grounds that she was “an asset”. It had to be escalated to a Home Office Inspector before the monkey was killed. Not surprisingly, the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute.

SPEAK can now disclose that the individual investigated by the police for cruelty is a leading Professor at Oxford University. We are aware of the department they work in but cannot disclose these details at the moment, due to an ongoing investigation into the matter by our legal representatives. Despite the University’s attempts at stifling the truth and muzzling those attempting to highlight the deceit and lies coming from the University, we can disclose some of the details of the communication we have received from people working within the University who are appalled at the behaviour of both the University and the vivisector themselves.

The information we have received describes the catalogue of a monkey’s unimaginable suffering at the hands of a person more interested in the pursuit of their ego-driven career than in bestowing the simple act of final mercy that would allow his victim the release of death.

The account details how “The monkey was suffering from a brain infection caused by electrodes being inserted into its brain, through a chamber in its head cap. The vets tried to treat the monkey but it was in too much pain and couldn’t be helped.” It goes on to describe how “the home office inspector demanded that the monkey be put down” but the professor “argued and refused” however “eventually he backed down but only after the monkey had suffered for a long time.”

Even more disturbing is that, according to the anonymous correspondent, “this is not an isolated event.” The professor “has a long history of lying, cheating and deceiving his way up the ladder and out of trouble. His current project licence has expired and he is battling to get a new one.”

It would appear from the communication that this vivisector is a law unto himself within the University, and further, that “Anyone that tries to stand up to him is brushed aside. He is bullying all those that stand in his way and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.” The letter chillingly ends: “They are already keeping his other monkeys alive for him for when he gets another licence.”

His continuing employment by the university is surely an indictment of a University hierarchy that protects such individuals. One would have thought he would sully their avowed reputation of excellence, and prove an embarrassment should details of his habitual flouting of the law become more public than they have hitherto. The fact that they are protecting him only proves how hollow their fine words are, not that we need any convincing of that, as we have highlighted an almost constant stream of lies emanating from the University in the past 7 months since the campaign began. If a member of the public charged with cruelty to animals had committed similar acts, they would be serving a criminal sentence. It seems there is one law for the public arena, and another, entirely different one for those working in animal medical research establishements. SPEAK to not intend to put this matter to rest. This man WILL be brought to justice within a legal framework.

It may be too late for the monkey he tortured but it’s not too late for the animals destined to die inside the new lab in South Parks Rd, if it is ever built. This is an important fight in the history of the anti-vivisection movement. We must not be deterred by injunctions and bully tactics. These methods are to be expected from those organisations that know they are losing the argument. We have a hard fight ahead, but its one in which we’re ahead. Let’s stay that way. And let’s win this one.



Since SPEAK has managed to expose the tragic life of George more information is coming to light of the horrors being perpetrated against primates at Oxford University. SPEAK, in detailing the violence inflicted on George, appears to have hit a nerve with some people and more information is now coming in relating to the work carried out by the same Professor on other primates.

This time the leaked information has come from a source within the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The CPS were the organisation responsible for not prosecuting the leading Oxford University vivisector in November 2004 for cruelty to a monkey he was experimenting on – the same professor was also responsible for abusing George.

SPEAK has now been informed by our source within the CPS that the whole investigation by Thames Valley Police and the subsequent failure of the CPS to bring a prosecution was nothing more than an elaborate cover up from the moment Thames Valley Police investigated the incident to the inaction of the CPS. A deliberate attempt was made by all investigating bodies to hide the facts. We have been told that Senior Oxford University officials used their influence with both Thames Valley Police and the CPS to thwart any prosecution because of the damage it would cause to the university.

SPEAK has previously highlighted the investigation of the leading professor at Oxford University. For legal reasons we are unable to name the professor who has been abusing animals for the past 30 years inside Oxford University’s torture chambers. Our source at the CPS has informed us that the primate at the centre of the police investigation was called ‘JEZ’. Our original article in 2004 detailing the abuse highlighted that: “The monkey was suffering from a brain infection caused by electrodes being inserted into its brain, through a chamber in its head cap. The vets tried to treat the monkey but it was in too much pain and couldn’t be helped.” It goes on to describe how “the home office inspector demanded that the monkey be put down” but the professor “argued and refused” however “eventually he backed down but only after the monkey had suffered for a long time.”

However ‘JEZ’ is not the only monkey to have suffered a similar experience at the hands of someone who can only be described as a monster. Papers relating to the case described how another monkey, who was named ‘BJee’, was kept for research for approx 4 years. This animal suffered constantly from a most aggressive infection around the head cap and also an infection to the eye. ‘BJee’ was allowed to suffer for years before finally being put out of its misery because of pressure from the Home Office.

However, what is even more disturbing is the fact that BJee, JEZ, and George are not isolated incidents, but are just a few examples amongst many of the abuse taking place behind the closed doors of the university’s labs. It now appears that Oxford University, with the backing of the Labour Government have become a law unto themselves and the university now believe they are untouchable.

One thing is becoming very clear: whatever information we are receiving via compassionate people from both within the university and other organisations: it’s information that details but a fraction of the atrocities being committed inside Oxford University. One other thing is also certain: if the animal rights movement doesn’t stop the abuse towards sentient creatures, then the non human animals inside the university are at the mercy of the vivisectors who are devoid of any compassion towards their VICTIMS. If we don’t stop it, no one will. The animals have no one but us!

Please don’t forget the thousands of animals suffering at this very moment inside Oxford University. They need you. SPEAK needs your help. Help us defeat the animal abusers inside Oxford University. Together we can win. We defeated Cambridge University and with action we can defeat Oxford University.