Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine

DLRM’s objective is the immediate and unconditional abolition of all animal experiments, on medical and scientific grounds

Safer Medicines

Europeans for Medical Progress is an independent, not-for-profit organisation of scientists and medical professionals. Its goal is to protect human health by promoting human-specific medical research. There is overwhelming evidence that animal experiments provide results that, when applied to humans, can prove misleading or fatal. These tests exhaust precious research funding, waste valuable time, produce ineffective solutions, and delay progress toward human cures.

Xeno Diaries

An exposé of over a thousand pages of leaked documents about bizarre “xenotranspantation” experiments, where organs were transplanted from piglets into baboons and monkeys.


Campaigns against vivisection, including Procter & Gamble, Iams, xenotransplantation.

Americans for Medical Advancement (AFMA)

Vegan Society

Information about adopting a lifestyle free from animal abuse.

Campaigns against other primate labs
The Struggle to Shut Down the Mazor Primate Breeding Farm

Campaign to close down a primate breeding centre in Israel that sends hundreds of monkeys of for experiments to various countries including the UK.

Undercover exposé at Covance

An undercover investigator working with PETA in the US has infiltrated animal-testing company Covance and brought out horrific film of monkeys and other animals being abused.

Against primate abuse in general
Gateway to Hell Campaign

The Gateway to Hell Campaign was started in the UK in early 2005 with the aim of highlighting and stopping the import of captive-bred and wild animals for the vivisection industry.

Primate Freedom

The Primate Freedom Project, established in 1999, is dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in cruel and harmful experimentation and other forms of exploitation.

Other Animal Rights