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Join World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Saturday 27th April,  12.00,
Oxpens Park, Oxford, OX1 1RQ

With over half of all animal experiments now taking place in universities it is crucial we speak out to end animal suffering and progress beyond wasteful, costly and cruel reasearch.

Each year inside British laboratories, around 4 million animals are experimented on. Every 8 seconds, one animal dies. Included are experiments on more than 600,000 animals.

Guest speakers throughout the day will be raising awareness about poor and cruel science behind animal experimentations and curiosity-driven research.

Jessamy Korotoga(Animal Aid)
John Curtin
Mike Huskisson
Mel Broughton
Claire Palmer (Animal Justice Project)

Contact Number for World Day 07542 109056.

Twitter: @WDAIL_UK
Website: www.wdail.uk
Email: worldday2019@gmail.com