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What is the University of Oxford’s policy on using animals?
Oxford University claim:

The University of Oxford uses animals only in research programmes of the highest quality and only where there are no alternatives. All such work is carried out under licences issued by the Home Secretary after weighing its potential benefits against the effects on the animals concerned. The University is committed to the principles of reduction, refinement and replacement; on each project it ensures that the number of animals used is minimised and that procedures, care routines and husbandry are refined to maximise welfare. The University is committed to the highest standards of husbandry and housing, which is why we are constructing the new Biomedical Research Facilty.

SPEAK’s response:

There have been several documented cases of severe welfare problems at Oxford University. A damning confidential report on the treatment of animals at Oxford University labs was leaked to the media in March 1988 regarding their ferret colony. In addition, research on dogs and non human primates has revealed a catalogue of shame in terms of deliberately inflicted animal suffering in the name of science (or rather, pseudo- science).

There is no shortage of good brains at Oxford, only a shortage of compassion and common sense.