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You can purchase the high-quality DVD for only 4 today!

By purchasing this DVD and showing it to as many people as you can you are helping to end one of the most barbaric and harmful industries on the planet: vivisection. Each year millions of animals all over the world suffer and die horribly in vivisection labs just like Felix did, and thousands of people suffer and die from harmful side effects caused by drugs that were tested on animals. It is through the exposure of the truth and public education that we can end the suffering.

SPEAK are pro-science, not anti-science - we just don’t believe animal ‘models’ accurately predict human disease, or that the suffering and death of animals can be justified in the name of a science that many scientists increasingly believe is defunct. Vivisection is archaic; SPEAK believes in supporting progressive and enlightened scientific practices and provides information on the latest scientific developments, which don’t use animals and are cruelty-free.

We need your support in order to continue the struggle against the exploitation of animals by the vivisection industry. All payments and donations received will go directly into fighting those that abuse animals.

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