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Parkinsons – The Truth

Parkinson’s – The Truth

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a terrible illness which causes enormous human suffering. Supporters of the new Oxford University animal lab claim that experimenting on animals will enable advances in treating PD. We have always expected animal experimenters to defend the proposed lab; their careers, reputation and future income depend on projects such as this continuing. Unfortunately for them, neither medical history nor science supports their claims.

The reality is that there is no animal model of PD, and all past advances in treating it have been made through human study. In future, animals are of even less value as a research method – for two reasons. One is that we are studying PD in greater details, and the vague similarities between animal and human biology will be less relevant. The other is the emergence of incisive technology which enables the study of the human PD patient at levels we would hardly have believed possible years ago.

The claim that animals have or will be helpful in tackling the disease is hollow. Our opportunity to prove this is our opportunity to take away the assertion that the Oxford animal lab has any place at all in modern medical research. This means that we all need to know why PD research fails in animals and how advances really have and will be made.

We will therefore be looking at 5 specific subjects in order to highlight the fraudulent arguments being made by the pro vivisectionists: